do you continue the terror of "saw movie" in your dreams?

January 4, 2011 6:53am CST
i have watched the saw movies till the 4th part, and i never continue watching this movie anymore because i continue the terror of the movie in my dreams. i just seeing myself as one of the cast in this movie and i hate it! it was a great film, very true, it looks real but i dont like it! i cant !!! i am scared!!
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4 Jan 11
I made the mistake of watching the saw II alone, at night, under the bed covers...never again will I do that! Did not sleep a lot that night, kept on seeing the jigsaw puppet riding through my door. Now when I do watch them I end up fast-forwarding through the story, and I just want to see who makes it through each of the challenges :P
• Philippines
5 Jan 11
when i watched the film, i decided to be a vegetarian until i have the nervous in my heart and the terror my mind. but now i eat meat again, i have never watched the film for a year now
• United States
1 Aug 11
Lmfao! To me, the Saw movies are not even that scary so I don't dream about them and I am not that afraid of them. Honestly, I am more afraid of Scream.
@sam2424 (110)
• United States
21 Jun 11
All man, I love the SAW movies so much I wish they would carry on in my dreams. I'm not even kidding that would be really cool, like free nightly movies.
@SAMKAT (91)
15 Jun 11
I have also watched the movie and many atimes i continue it in my dreams and this happens with afew other movies.
• Latvia
30 May 11
i have seen all 7 parts and love that film
• Belgium
19 Mar 11
i know what you're talking about, i've had this to. go watch some funny movies, like Gulliver's Travels. Then you can clear your mind, and forget everything from Saw.
24 Feb 11
Saw was one of the most terrifying horror movies and it proves that the film is very successful in terms of its horror genre. The story is quite different from any other horror movies. I myself continues to watch the movie and the movie always make me imagine what kind of thrill and emotion would i obtain if I'm one the cast of saw.
• United States
26 Jan 11
i saw this movie on the movie channel well ihave to change the channel since i have 10 year old boy.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
5 Jan 11
hi, i like those brutal and horror movies, but never had an experience to take it in my dreams. and i wish i could not dream of it.
@Lore2009 (7388)
• United States
4 Jan 11
I never watch scary movies anymore because I get scared easily and I will get insomnia from it. My imagination alone can freak me out, I don't need movies to help me!