Good fence makes good neighbors

@EdnaReyes (2628)
January 8, 2011 8:41am CST
I am a believer of the saying good fence makes good neighbors. One must have privacy and must put distance or limitations in any relationship, particularly our relationship with people around us.Neighbors in general must be concerned with each other but always,there must be certain points wherein each will be of limits. I have proven this to be true. How about you, have you built a good fence with your neighbors?
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• Pamplona, Spain
23 Jul 11
Hiya Edna, The neighbours we have around here I hardly ever see the same person in ages so there is no need for real fences as they never speak at all maybe once a year and that is the truth. They have already set their own boundaries and make it no secret that they want to be left alone no matter what. Me I am used to these kind of People they donĀ“t offend me others might get a bit upset by their continual cold shoulder but I have had to live with that most of my life so its no big deal for me at all and have no need for those fences not in that sense anyway. I keep my distance because that is what they want.
• United States
8 Jan 11
When I hear Good Fence makes good neighbors it tells me that we should be neighborly and kind but also keep some boundaries. In other words remember that they are not family so we need not be all up in their business constantly but also be free to lend a hand where necessary. Way too much interactions causes for friction one day, and a friction that would cause us to live a hectic life as we have to face them daily being they live next door.
@derek_a (10902)
8 Jan 11
That is so true there. If we have a good fence, then we can enjoy our own space without having the neighbours walking through or peering into our gardens. We gave an excellent fence all round our garden, yet sometimes can still enjoy a conversation even though we can't see each other! _Derek
@flagella08 (5069)
• Philippines
8 Jan 11
that's true but as of now i am not building any relationship with my neighbors. our fences are that high that we barely hear each others' voices. we don't even know who are our kids. i live in a sub urb where nobody's talking to anyone and we're all indulged in our works that we don't get time to see and talk with each other.