Paypal money adder/ generator hacking programs' legal/ethical issues

United States
January 12, 2011 1:23pm CST
So recently, I stumbled upon these PayPal Money Generator/Adder hacking programs that say that they legitimately work on changing one's PayPal balance amount to whatever amount he or she desires. I haven't found any that work but I've seen very very few YouTube videos and other videos on the Internet with users' comments that say their programs do work, and the users say that they were able to pay off debts, pay bills, and get extra money to buy things that they always wanted without getting caught nor getting banned from PayPal. And the download links are typically provided from or other websites that pay money to upload files. But also, I've seen lots and lots of scam videos and scam blogs and scam websites that claim that their paypal money adder programs work with fake download links. Let's discuss about the ethics and legality of using such programs. These programs are really clever and genius because of the following: 1. The legitimate such programs don't steal other people's PayPal accounts and their money nor their private information. 2. They don't steal any money from PayPal company itself. 3. They are only designed to add pure "ghost" money into one's PayPal account balance. 4. Hackers who made such programs tested out their own PayPal money generator programs themselves, and they don't add any viruses and trojans. 5. The hackers who made these programs also warn you not to be too greedy and only add a reasonable amount of money per day/week/month to your PayPal balance. So how do these legitimate PayPal money generator/adder hacking programs affect people's lives? As long as they exist and are updated to work by the hackers and as long as the users are using the programs without being too greedy, the programs give the users an infinite consumer spending power, financial freedom, wealth, opportunity to invest for personal finance, recession-proof and unemployment-proof to get income without doing anything, etc. So in my opinion, these programs are ethically good to use. But isn't hacking into PayPal for any reasons illegal? Yes, hacking in general and in common sense is considered illegal, but these kinds of hacking programs do not have malicious intentions to harm people's lives by stealing their money and privacy information. So in my opinion, I wouldn't say using these programs is illegal, but the non-legitimate and fake ones that are scamming to steal your money and privacy info are illegal. Please feel free to discuss what you think. Thanks.