Why You Study..??? Because You Need a Nice Jobs??? Huh???

@Tushavi (2078)
Karachi, Pakistan
January 12, 2011 4:46pm CST
hi to all Guys why you study??? because you need a nice job??? huh??? well, I think study is for increasing knowledge & profitting humans by your knowledge its not for finding nice job. I dunno whats your thoughts about guys??? I wanna know about??? kindly share your thoughts??? & sorry for my bad english. have a nice day.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
15 Jan 11
It has been almost ten years since I've been a student, but that does not mean that my thirst for knowledge has decreased. Now, the reason that I study is because I'm doing a lot of writing and it requires studying some of the subjects to be able to write effective articles. In addition to that, the other reason that I study is because of the fact that I feel like there should be something that I learn every day of my life. This has been great for me in my life.
@savypat (20246)
• United States
13 Jan 11
Your English is very good, not to worry. I study becasue I love to learn new things and it keeps my brain healthy.
• China
13 Jan 11
I like to study and yet I am not for finding a job .I am a retired worker. I had worked for 40 years and more before retirement so I don't want to ask for trouble.Study is my essential resource after retirement.I think it a spiritual pursuit.As the saying is goes, It is never too late to learn,moreover ,today is the era of knowledge explosion,there are lots of things that want to learn.
• India
13 Jan 11
I never study much. It's how much i learn and listen that i am actually interested in. I always kind of bunk classes hang out with friends and stuff and that'a what i am really interested in and learning when i have some positive attitude only then i learn something with interest otherwise i am not interested at anything more than that. Cheers!
@singup (666)
• Malaysia
12 Jan 11
i am study because my family want that only. i think study university can give me a job but not make me rich
@mentalward (14695)
• United States
12 Jan 11
I study to learn. I learn because I want to know. I want to know because it's in my nature. If it helped me to get a great job, that would be even better. I stopped my formal education a LONG time ago but have continued to learn and study all kinds of things. I like knowing, that's all. I have a desire to learn new things just because I wouldn't have to question them anymore. It has helped me tremendously in social settings. I have a wide range of topics that I can talk about with others because I've studied so many different things. I studied what I had to in school and was able to get a great job as a proofreader. I think, though, that my desire to learn everything I could about the English language, even after formal schooling, did more for me to get a terrific job than if I had just studied what I was expected to. You should love what you do for a living. If you love it, you will study more than what is required in school. That way, you will have a much better advantage over others who only study what they must in school. One more thing, if you never stop learning and studying, you will be a far happier person than if you stop all learning once you are out of school. I am.