New problem with my computer.

January 16, 2011 12:23am CST
For the last few days I am facing a problem with my computer in addition to its slow running. Whenever I turn on the switch from where the electrical connection of the computer is arising and also the switch of the computer, there begins an immediate hissing sound from the computer. On the first day I thought it to be from a generator which was working just beside my flat and as result did not give any importance to it. But on the very next day, I was confirmed that the hissing sound was arising from my computer. As a remedy what I do now; I immediately turn off both the switches that is the switch from where the electrical connection of the computer is arising and also the switch of the computer itself. And surprisingly, the sound disappears. But I know that it is not a permanent solution and so seek your kind help. Is there anyone to help me?
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@jak2010 (1550)
• Papua New Guinea
20 Jan 11
The most safest means to fixing your computer problem is to take it to the dealer or the shop in whcih you bought the computer from. They will fix it and also if you have your warranty, it will be fixed free.
• India
22 Jan 11
Thank you for your advive and regret to say that my warranty period is over.
@androbot (89)
• India
17 Jan 11
There can be only two reasons for the hissing sound: 1) it's the fan in the chassis that is making the noise as it spins. 2) you have a snake in yous PC case! Ok. Jokes apart, I really believe that it is the chassis fan that is making the noise. Get a technician to check if you have a noisy fan and if you have it, get it replaced. Don't worry, there are no snakes in your pc!
• India
22 Jan 11
Though the sound has gone let me know whether it can do any harm to my computer.
@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
17 Jan 11
hi i am not a computer expert but i went through this when one of the fans was going out and it finally did so my son got me a new fan. but even now with my older computer I hear a similar noise but once my computer is warmed up and I am on some sites the sound has quit. Have you waited to see if it will cease firt before turning it off? I am sorry'I have no more suggestions. do you have a close friend or relative who is a computer geek as theywill be able to tell you whats wrong the younger the better but not a child of course. good luck.most computers will make noises until completely warmed up much like an older car.
• India
22 Jan 11
No, I never waited to see if it ceases without any interference, I rather always turned it off. But happily, the problem no longer exists. It came suddenly and also has vanished suddenly.
• Philippines
22 Feb 11
Well that my friend is just normal I think thats coming from your voltage regulator because of such high voltages it vibrates and produce sound. Well, if your pc is slow try installing registry cleaners like tune up utilities,CCcleaner or registry mechanic there are tons more programs like this. This programs gradually makes our pc faster.