Too much stresses in my daily life

United States
January 17, 2011 7:55pm CST
There are just too much stresses from my daily life. Not mention stresses and pressure from work, what about at home and my personal relationship. Sometimes, I just can't breath to handle all these stuff no more. Competition with other people, how much they made annually compare to mine. I felt like a loser. I just want to push myself further, trying to be smarter and I wish that I can find a better job in the future. Lately, I also had an car accident, with mismanage of this matter, I just got so much stresses from my parents, who seems care much about whether the insurance gonna pay or not than my own personal safety. And also from other people's sarcasm on my car accident and not calling the police. I just want to dig a hole for myself to hide within. I just hate to face and hear all these stuff.
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
22 Jan 11
hi, stress is always there hiding and you dont even know when it comes, so when stress attack us, dont turn back, just face it, and handle it,control it, and change it in positive.
@bird123 (10526)
• United States
19 Jan 11
Hold it! Hold it!! Let's not go over the deep end just yet. We all have the power to choose what we deem important in our life. All your stress comes because of all the things you are making important. You are creating your own stress. Example: Accidents happen to everyone. Most of the time we learn lessons from accidents and become smarter and better.So if you get sarcasm, you reply: I'm learning. I'll do better next time.Now make all their sarcasm meaningless to you in your mind. No more stress. Next keeping up with the jones on money. Are you to define your worth based on money??? I hope not. Give love and kindness to everyone you meet. Help those you can and encourage those you can't. You will be a greater success than all those scratching and clawing for that extra buck. You see, you decide on everything in life. Define yourself by your choices not by the terms of others. Listen to the advice of others but WALK YOUR OWN PATH!! You will find yourself much more capable than those who want you to their standards. Suddenly,you can not only choose to be happy but stress is a thing of the past.It's no longer important.It all comes down to a simple choice.
@sweet_pea (3325)
• Philippines
18 Jan 11
Hi kingparker! We all have to deal with stress. You are not alone. It is just how we deal with it that makes us differ from one another. If you can't breathe because of the stresses in your life, then take a moment to take a deep breathe. Do some stretching. You need a break to re-energize. Stop comparing yourselves to others. Focus on what you have and not what you don't have. It is really stressful knowing your colleague has higher salary than you do. So why stress yourself? Don't pry on them. Know your potentials and use them to make yourself more successful. Apply time management by prioritizing tasks. You can have a daily to-do-list. At least you can have a guide on what you want to achieve for the day. As for the reactions you received from your car accident, (I hope you are not seriously injured), think about it that they are just concerned about you. Sometimes, we have to be reminded of our stupidity. And this really sucks. But if you are still agitated about what they say you can say to them that you accept that you made a mistake and can they tell you how they think can the problem be solved. I think they'd shut up if they couldn't think of any.
@mark98 (569)
• China
18 Jan 11
I also have great pressure from work and livehoods. Pressures from a variety of difficulties can not be overcome. I'm looking for ways to combat the pressure.
• Ecuador
18 Jan 11
My life is also full of stresses and pressures. I'm a high school student , and I use to get a lot of homework to do, so that I don't have much time to rest or just have fun. I hope that after this week tests, there is a time of rest, because I can't continue this way. I'm really tired.