Do you like the songs your mother/father used to sing to you?

@la_chique (1499)
January 18, 2011 6:40am CST
I was wondering if you remember any of the songs your parents sang to you as a child? My mother was always singing. She was very much into happy gospel songs, and I remember she always used to sing really loudly and happily in the kitchen when she was cooking, washing up etc. I remember all those songs and I like them, but only because of her. If I hear any other versions or someone else singing them, its just not the same. I'm not usually into that kind of music, and I wouldnt choose to listen to it, but whenever I think of my mother, these are the songs that I remember. Her favourite was one called "One day at a Time". You can have a listen here apprently its not very well known, which is good because if I heard it alot, it probably wouldn't remind me of her so much, or else I'd be in floods of tears every time I hear it because it means so much to me now. It was the song I asked my Dad to play at her funeral. I'm so happy he listened to me (for once) and that was the song that was used.
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@SViswan (12071)
• India
19 Jan 11
My father doesn't sing...but he enjoys music and we had lots of cassettes which he would listen to. We would also listen to them esp. when he put it in the car and we couldn't run On a serious note, we enjoyed the songs and got to listen to different genres of music. My mother would sing songs to us. And as we grew she stopped singing to us and started singing to let us know what her mood was. It was much later that we realized that she couldn't hold a I had never heard the original songs of the ones she was singing and always assumed that was the way it was sung and I loved it because it was MY mom singing it to me. But later I got to know how she had literally spoiled all those beautiful compositions...hehehe. But the main thing she was trying to convey was her mood which we needed to understand from the lyrics.