Have you seen GM's concept car the en-v?

United States
January 18, 2011 10:14am CST
They were sporting it this morning on Regis & Kelly Live. http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/03/24/inside-gms-en-v-concept-car/ Though I guess this concept has been out to the public for a while as the pics dated I found are nearly a year old. But either way I think they look slick & futuristic. Though I worry about a car like this on the road just as I worry about driving a Smart car. What is my concern, they may be energy efficient and greener modes of transportation, however... how do these hold up in a car accident with a traditional full size car? a huge suv? an 18 wheeler? 6-10in of snow & ice? Don't get me wrong I think they look neat & with gas rumored to go up to $4/gal here in the US sometime this year in 2011, it would be worth a shot getting more greener vehicles on the roads. But it will take time to find the right concept car that will meet expectations and be accepted by consumers.
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@katsmeow1213 (29047)
• United States
18 Jan 11
I haven't seen this particular car.. though if I could afford it, I probably would buy a more economic car, like a hybrid. I hate paying so much money for gas! Right now I'm just looking forward to being able to replace my Durango with a slightly more fuel efficient mini van!
• United States
18 Jan 11
A hybrid seems all good an all except if the battery goes it's a mint! It's a couple THOUSAND dollars to replace the battery! I know I can't come up with that at the drop of a hat should it fail. Yeah SUV's are dying with the days of cheap gas I'm afraid. My hubby traded his in after I told him it would be a gas guzzler, it was an expedition. Beautiful truck, but just for commuting to work we didn't need a v8 nor the fact that it took $50+ for him to get to work in it a week. VS the car he has now, it's $20.
@veganbliss (3901)
• Adelaide, Australia
19 Jan 11
Thanks for the link. Can't say I've seen that one before. If you want something that looks slick & futuristic & goes like a rocket, check out Molnar.com. I've read from Thomas Baine's postings about how GM killed the electric car, but the program has been up & running again for many years already & you can buy full electric cars from six different manufacturers in the USA. Tesla Motors has made the number one performing sports car in the world & it is electric. France has the air car that has been in production for a very long time now. Hydrogen cars are here & being bought & sold right now. Jamie-Lee Curtis bought a hydrogen fuel celled run Honda Civic Sedan for $102000 - you can look it up online. Ballard Co., Vancouver, BC, Canada who created the hydrogen fuel cell have been selling & running these very zero emission vehicles for the past two decades. A massive segment of public transport buses in Vancouver have been run only on these hydrogen fuel cells for the last fifteen or more years! This is the Government! Look 'em up. Electric cars are expensive & they shouldn't be. Batteries are very expensive & tricky to source & they shouldn't be. They need constant recharging, which they shouldn't need, as they should be self-recharging. They're not even charged correctly, which shortens their useful life. I'd never buy one... they're so, so pathetic right now. If it were me, I'd buy a good body, get an E-V conversion & run Rick's Renaissance Charger in it. It uses very cheap batteries, has zero maintenance, self-recharges to the point that it never needs new batteries as the batteries come up "better than new" each time you drive it. Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vReVTjuly6I or you can follow the discussion under Best Response here: http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/2409876.aspx
@plonka (21)
• Canada
18 Jan 11
I strongly suggest you guys check out the moive/documentary "who killed the electric car". In fact, some 20 years ago, GM already produced 100% electric cars for the area of California if my memory is good, and the car was very popular but due to some alliances they made with petrol companies they took all the cars off the streets, as they were rentals, without offering the possibility to customers to buy the car, and guess what? They destroyed all of them.
@GardenGerty (100438)
• United States
18 Jan 11
You have a valid point here. I guess I think of these little green cars as being suitable to run around town, but in my mind I just do not picture them for long commutes and for the kinds of trips we take to see family. I probably have seen pictures of the en-v, but not paid a lot of attentions because it is not something that I see in my future. I would be more inclined to ride my bicycle in town and keep my cars that I have, with hubby maintaining them and gaining mpg because of the products he uses in the gas and oil. We just will plan what we are doing and where we are going to save on our fuel consumption.