which side should i take wen 2 of my best friends are figthing with each other?

January 18, 2011 12:07pm CST
Im stuck in confusion.Two of my best friends are fighting with each other and both asking my help. I dont want to dissapoint them both. and i cant help them patch up again. What am i suppose to do ???
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• United States
18 Jan 11
Personally what I would do is let them work it out on their own, try to avoid getting involved. Based on my personal experience in this situation, you are the one that will always be wrong and sometimes even get blamed for getting involved. I know it's difficult not getting involved because they are your friends, and most likely they want you to choose a side, but I would let them settle it by themselves. Good Luck!!!
• India
18 Jan 11
they both will hate me then. :/
@asliah (11149)
• Philippines
24 Jan 11
hi, for me, no one should i choose, because you still need to hear from both of them their sides and thoughts, before you choose what side,but you still need to be in the middle of it.
@flowerchilde (12518)
• United States
21 Jan 11
I'm good a good head nodder.. I try not to say anything, cause that can back fire when the two friends make up and compare notes on what ya said! I say things like I understand how you feel, without taking any one's side.
@Catana (736)
• United States
19 Jan 11
The best thing to do is stay out of it. If you try to take on side or the other, you'll lose at least one friend. And there's no guarantee that the side you choose is the right one, if there is a wrong side and a right side. Even if they both threaten to not be your friend if you don't take a side, once the fight is over and everybody calms down, they'll probably forget all about that. If you can, stay away from both of them till it's settled. That way, there's no chance you'll be dragged in.
@Janey1966 (24127)
• Carlisle, England
18 Jan 11
Like you say, you can't help them patch up again. Perhaps they want you to take sides, which isn't the way to go is it, considering you're in the middle..always an awkward place to be in my opinion. Tell each one seperately that you can't help them as you feel stuck in the middle. Whatever you do, don't take sides because they will kiss and make up, then leave you out. This has happened to me in the past.
@jujunme (2406)
• United States
18 Jan 11
You should tell them you don't want to be stuck in the middle of their argument and that you like them both and don't want to be forced to take one side or another.Both of them should understand this and realize they need to work this out for themselves.By taking either side of this argument, you run the risk you may lose one or the other as your friend.