Can the scientist fix the global warming and make it normal again?

January 19, 2011 4:24am CST
I fear for the outcome of our beloved planet but most of us keeps on using chemicals and too much electricity,that makes our planet more hotter as the days goes bye.Can someone make any comment so that those who reads it can share to everyone who has concerns on the bad effects of climate change.
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@owlwings (39885)
• Cambridge, England
19 Jan 11
No, "the scientists" cannot fix global warming (scientists only report the results of their experiments and observations). We humans cannot "fix" it, either. All we can do is to restrict and control the amount of carbon dioxide and other 'greenhouse' gases which we release into the atmosphere. Global warming (and global cooling) is part of a natural cycle which the Earth goes through time and time again. We do know, however, that the pollution that we create is not helping any so it is our duty to see that, as far as possible, we do not increase it and do everything in our power to reduce it. Man is NOT solely responsible for global warming but our carbon dioxide and other emissions have certainly had an effect in increasing it in the last 150 or 200 years. We MUST do what we can about that.
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• Philippines
20 Jan 11
Thank you very much for the response.I am just very puzzled why the scientist can not control or eliminate climate change when they know how to create and control carbon dioxide from their inventions.All of these climate change was the cause of all the inventions made by geniuses,so why can they do an invention to erase all our problems concerning global warming?This is the problem of all of us in this world and we have no other place to live but only this earth.