Do you have a story silimar to Romeo and Juliet in your country and what's that?

Hong Kong
January 19, 2011 4:38am CST
I have just watching youtube on Romeo and Juliet from my computer and enjoying the theme song from it.I don't know why happy story sometimes cannot has an powerful impact to mankind but the sad story always will. perhaps only the sa and beauty story can stir up more of our deepest emotion inside the human mind.We do have a story like Romeo and Juliet in China as well. I always love to call it "the Chinese Romeo and Juliet" and some people call it" butterfly love" it is not even a real story and not history as well. But people just enjoy a story like this. It is about a girl who wants to go for study in the ancient and traditional conservative China where female is not easy to receive her education.The girl dressed like a young man and everybody thought that she was a man by the time she reached a school far away from her home town. She spent three years in school and nobody knows that she was actually a girl.She fell in love with a manin er class and they sleep in the same room and in the same bed for three years with a bowl of water to seperate thses two classmate. It was the girl's idea to do that so that the man won't be able to touch ner and get to know that she was actualy a girl. She did fine and the man was stupid enough not to be aware of that for three years. The man treat her as agood brother and they alwya senjoy their times together. By the time they graduate, the girl pretended that she (Still a "he" at that time") has a sister looks exactly like her and would like to introduce her to that man as a prospect for future wife.The man said yes and latter find out the truth that the sister wa sactually the same classmate he had spent three years to study together.The man was really happy and understand his stupidity at the same time because the girl did give him enough hints before but he just didn't know that.Unfortunately, the father of that girl wants the girl to marry a rich man and in ancient China, marriage has to be arranged by parents and the duaghter has no saying about that.By the tim the man reached the girl's hupouse and wanted to marry her, he found out the bad news that the girl was forced to get marry to someone she didn't love at all. Finally the girl get married to the rich man and the man was full of sadness and died. At bthe end of the story, the girl reached the tomb of the man hshe rteally loves and cried. The tomb suddenly blows up and they both turned into two butterfly and live for ever like that.There is a very lovely Chinese music composed by someonje in memorize this story as well. I hope you like the story and you can tell me about the one in your country.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
23 Jan 11
I think that there are a lot of stories around here that parallel with the story of Romeo and Juliet, but I'm not really familiar with any of them. If I was involved in that story, I don't really know what decision that I would have made. Of course, the world that I grew up in was a lot different than Shakespeare's world and that made love and my own experience with love much different than Romeo and Juliet's experiences.
• China
20 Jan 11
I admire you have this story at your fingertips.Here this story is known to all ,popularly called "liangshanboyuzhuyingtai".The famous violin concertos ,"butterfly Lovers" ,Which was a milestone in the history of Chinese music,just used it as subject matter.