Amend a .rar, .zip file

@simesc (248)
January 20, 2011 6:48am CST
Hi I am looking for a way to amend some .rar and .zip files WITHOUT HAVING TO EXTRACT AND THEN ARCHIVE AGAIN. I am just wondering if anyone knows how to do this. The company that I work for a changing its name and so I will have to go through loads of files and change them. All I really want to do is delete one .txt file in the archive and replace it with another one. But at the moment I am unable to find anything that will do this for us easily without having to extract, change and then re-archive. Thanks in advance
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@lovedude (4454)
• India
25 Jan 11
well.. you can do with 7zip and winrar.. I have used winrar to do such thing.. never used 7zip.. so I suggest you to download and install winrar.. :-)
@owlwings (39751)
• Cambridge, England
20 Jan 11
Because of the way that archive files work, you will HAVE to extract them, make the changes and then re-archive. Even if you find software that seems not to do this (and I don't know of any, though 7-zip might be a possibility), it will have to do it in the background. Changing the contents of an archive inevitably changes the data stored and, due to the way archiving works, it is NOT a simple matter of replacing one chunk with another without affecting the rest of the data in the file. The whole archive has to be recreated and a new checksum calculated.