Do you know who the enemy most dangerous in this life ?

@advokatku (4037)
January 20, 2011 8:11am CST
Do you know who the enemy most dangerous in this life ? Fear and doubt! Both of them will only make us silent despite the opportunity lies in plain sight! When fear and doubt fill heart and your brain, the most you can do just silent or step back or maybe also just peeing in your pants
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• India
20 Jan 11
The most dangerous enemy is weakness. This is the main cause of all the troubles. There are many reasons for our weaknesses. But the root causes are either avarice, or lust or both. If you consider everything carefully you will find out that all our troubles actually originate from these two things. It is nearly impossible to get rid of these two, but that's mostly because we don't want to. We are too weak to face the reality. Everything is perishable including ourselves yet we are afraid to face this reality. We fear of loosing something that we are destined to loose someday. If we just face and accept this as reality, we will be liberated from this fear and pain.
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@nangisha (3504)
• Indonesia
28 Jan 11
Yeah in most case in find it true especially when we really want something really bad and afraid thats we will fail tomade it into real. There is time when fear make the problem seem so big until we feel there no way out but when we move forward, problem not as big as we think and we afraid for nothing. I think its make think thats our worst enemy is ourself with thats worry, fear and doubt.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
25 Jan 11
fear and shame...the most enemy of my life, and i want to avoid that always...
@Hatley (164507)
• Garden Grove, California
20 Jan 11
hi advokatku You are so ri ght. I remember in world war two. our P resident Roosevelt saying " the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." This i so true as like you say we can be so paralyzed with fear that even when a grea opportunity is a finger touch away we can not talk or even move. once we face that fear it loses its grip and we can d o most anything we want or need to do. I have had for example as this is ongoing a fear of going to this wound specialist ,fear of unknown doctor who will prescribe unknown treatment, and yet the condition of my leg, specially as I am a diabetic, must make me get further treatment. I have made up my procrastinating mind that tomorrow Friday I will call my own doctor and find out why I have not received my referral to this wound specialist yet, and if you have it, mail it to my address and please be sure you have my address correct.Such a simple thing to do but all week I have let fear freeze me from doing anything. Comfort zone is sometimes a bad thing as we do not want to do things that are outside our comfort zones. And when the things are really for our own good and benefit you have to step outside that zone and do what you must do for your own good.