January 20, 2011 10:11am CST
"I have been called a daughter, sister, niece, aunt, and girlfriend.. but my most favorite name is MOMMY" I could relate to this quote so much. I have already played different roles in life. Those roles really made me so happy but I never know that being a mother could make me the happiest. What about you? What are the roles you've played in life and what do you consider the most important of them all?
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@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
23 Jan 11
Hi, I do play a role as a mother and a wife at home. I would say being a mother is a big task and full of responsibility and for sure, I will have less of my 'me time' because most of my time is taking away by my son. He needs my care every now and then,since I am taking care of him full day. Being a wife for my husband is great.I am blessed to have a lovely husband who care alot of me. SOmetimes, my husband will help me up in housechores or taking care of my son while he is not working. I am also a daughter of my parents and I love my parents alot. I feel happy to be their daughter. My parents love and care about me,Even I am married now,they still care alot about me. We always keep in touch with each other,be it, we are staying in different country.
@EdnaReyes (2628)
• Philippines
23 Jan 11
I've been a teacher and enjoyed children' s company but none of them called me Mommy. When I get married and became a Mom, the feeling is wonderful. No amount of happiness can match this feeling of having a CHILD calling you MOM!
@jillhill (37384)
• United States
23 Jan 11
That is one of the names I also enjoy...but since becoming a grandmother I would say that is now my number one name...grandma...grammy..anything that refers to me being their grandmother just makes me smile everyday!