Differences between American and European literature.

January 20, 2011 11:18am CST
Hello everyone. As you know, America is a "new" continent, and culture of America is newer than the European culture. Literature, as part of the culture, have influenced the way of living of people around the world. So, how had the literature influenced people trough the years. European literature is different than the American. Why? What is the reason for this differences?
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• United States
26 Jan 11
Literature across the board is very different from culture to culture. The reason it's different is the same reason that cultures and people are different. They grow up in a different areas, with different ideas, and different values. Not all cultures are uniform just as not all groups of people are entirely the same. While you will find lots of similarities in European literature as a whole, I have no doubt you would be able to find a few books that seem to reflect the ideas and values of American literature. And vice versa.
• Ecuador
26 Jan 11
I think American Literature has been strongly influenced by British literature and culture, but both types of literature are really different. Americans are less less mysterious and include include more realism in their stories. About actual literature, I think that both are similar.