Where can you find online free fax service?

United States
January 20, 2011 6:54pm CST
I mentioned it about I used the Fedex stores to send a two - page fax to a local company, and the total cost to me is $2.49. The first page is $1.49, and the second one is $0.99. It will be cost more if I want to send internationally. That is crazy right? I get rid of my landline at home, so it meant that I can't hook up a fax machine. Because I used only voice over IP now to save cost. I just wonder if there any online free fax service available? If anybody know about it, please let me know? I can scan the document, and send it like a fax, can I? Or when I receive a fax, I simply download it from email?
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@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
21 Jan 11
You could maybe try the efax service online..you can use it to send a fax document as an email,or receive one that way.they have free and paid versions of the service,the paid one adding more functionality,but signing up for an efax number for your personal use was free...
• United States
21 Jan 11
Well, great thanks. I try to check it out though.
@payout (3722)
• United States
21 Jan 11
I dont htink there is one that is free I know TruboTax you can buy the CD and do countless Taxes on it but it will cost some money to buy the CD no more then $75 I think maybe less. I think everyone is letting you try there tax for free online and if you like what you see then you can buy it for like $14.99 I think I saw one recently for about $9.99 thats not bad. Just they are basic process it will cost more to go more into depth with things like things you bought that have tax credit towards it like home improvements and etc. Another example is when you buy your pet food and etc that can also be on your tax. just keep your recpeits at all times the good ones at least the costly things. like Energy star products you also get a tax refund. All those things probably require a more advance Tax Program. I know the trubo Tax will do that the, CD I mean. All i can do is try other stuff but if your claiming yourself and maybe your family you dont need something extreme unless you have Tax refund items on your windows improvments and Door Lights, pet, etc/ Good luck hopefullu I was able to help everyone is going to be doing there taxes soon. Thank God Delaware is Tax Free state and so what ever we buy is just Sale or Reg Price nothing extra lol.