simple lifestyle. Can do that's ?

@advokatku (4037)
January 20, 2011 9:54pm CST
When someone begin can reach a large income, generally standard his life will increase as well. However, this increase will stop at a point where when had feel enough (not feel satisfied). The problem is, when are we going to feel enough? Let us learn from the simple lifestyle from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. As president, he would be able comply with a luxurious lifestyle. With his power as president, of course supported income above the income average Iranians, he can buy luxury items he wanted but he did not. In his personal life, he only has a small house inherited his father and car made in 1977. He does not take his salary as president, which he take is his salary as lecturer with amount around 250 dollars!!! ... can you do that's ? If me, certainly had been can imagine, child and my wife will angry to me because refusing large salaries ... During as president, he remained stay in his house. Not at the presidential palace. He always breakfast with a few pieces bread and carried a bag containing food to his lunch. He's prefer still eating delicious food made by the wife of a president than the special food from renowned chef. When he go abroad, he prefer chose the economy-class plane. Remarkable simplicity. Can we apply a simple lifestyle like Ahmadinejad? honestly, I could not. In my mind, someday if me become rich, let alone become president, maybe appearance and my life style will change because I have to keep my image as a rich man
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
1 May 11
A simple living .... To me not longer a fantasy, a dream, but reality. My reality of living with a partner. I work from home "office" appointed living room, drinking my coffee on the terrace with the hills in front and lap cat. The birds, cows, goats and sheep are about the only music around me. And so I have no money to live in an eternal wealth, abundance. And I'm happy as I was not ever in my life - I would not give anything in the world for the simplicity, the quiet, love those moments no matter how large a salary that I would bring me.... ... luxury.
• Indonesia
21 Jan 11
I think wealth is to make peoples forget about the essence of their life. At a certain point, they event confused to spend a fortune. I think, for people who like this, it was time to return to God and realize that there are still so many people arounds who even to eat every day just not capable.
@dong88 (796)
• China
21 Jan 11
Ahmadinejad simple way of life,really admirable!if it were me ,I may not to like him.However,I follow a simple life.Because of the simple life ,more likely to bring happiness.
@Hatley (164506)
• Garden Grove, California
21 Jan 11
advokatju but a simple lifestyle lets you really appreciate it' whenever you get some real money and can look forward to buying something you always wanted but do not need. all my life I have' worked and worked hard but did not make much money but know what I did not miss what i was not used too and I paid cash and never owed anyone. but'I got two no three store credit cards and got in trouble with sears to the point where I did not have the money to pay off the interest and the bill got bigger and bigger. I did get the others paid off with the help of a company that dealt in those problems as they got both Merwyn and jc penny's to cut their interest way way down,. sears refused to do that and since my hours of my job were cut back I could only just stop and wait for the bill to be outlawed. I did not have the money. so after that I cut up my credit cards and paid cash for whatever I needed. here my social security and ssi checks are mostly taken up by Gold crest each month for room and through necessity I d o live a simple life'as I have just 125 dollars per month to use for personal needs.