Astrology compatibility with Parents.

United States
@Lore2009 (7392)
January 21, 2011 6:20pm CST
In this book I have about astrology by Teri King, it lists sun signs compatibility with parent signs. ARIES CHILD Compatible: Leo/Sagittarius father. Aries/Pisces mother. Incompatible: Libra/Scorpio father. Capricorn/Cancer mother. TAURUS CHILD Compatible: Capricorn/Virgo father. Cancer/ Taurus mother. Incompatible:Aries/Leo father. Aquarius/Sagittarius mother. GEMINI CHILD Compatible: Aquarius/ Leo father. Libra/Gemini mother. Incompatible: Virgo/Sagittarius father. Scorpio/Pisces mother. CANCER CHILD Compatible: Scorpio/ Taurus father. Pisces/ CAncer mother. Incompatible: Aries/Sagittarius father. Leo/Libra mother. LEO CHILD Compatible: Sagittarius/Aries father. Leo /Pisces mother. Incompatible: Scorpio/Cancer father. Capricorn/Virgo mother. VIRGO CHILD Compatible: Taurus/Capricorn father. Virgo/Libra mother. Incompatible: Scorpio/leo father. Gemini/Aquarius mother. LIBRA CHILD Compatible: Aquarius/Leo father. Gemini/libra mother. Incompatible: Aries/Pisces father. Cancer/Capricorn mother. SCORPIO CHILD Compatible: Pisces/Cancer father. Scorpio/Virgo mother. Incompatible: Leo/Aries father. CApricorn/Sagittarius mother. SAGITTARIUS Compatible: Aries/leo father. Sagittarius/Libra mother. Incompatible: Cancer/Pisces father. Scorpio/gemini mother. CAPRICORN Compatible: Taurus/Virgo father. Capricorn/ CAncer mother. Incompatible: Sagittarius/Leo father. Aries/Aquarius mother. AQUARIUS Compatible: Libra/Gemini father. Aquarius/Pisces mother. Incompatible: Virgo/Taurus father. Capricorn/Cancer mother. PISCES Compatible: Scorpio/Aries father. Cancer/Taurus mother. Incompatible: Virgo/Sagittarius father. Leo/Capricorn mother. My parents are not listed so we're neutral. Are you and your parent/child compatible?