Need Advice on Photographing Coyotes

January 22, 2011 7:39am CST
For over a year, we had been trying to capture a photograph of the creature tearing up the snow in the apple orchard. All we ever saw a flash of brown fur racing into the woods at breakneck speed. Then last week, we finally captured the elusive critter (with a camera, of course). Our pictures are not great as the photos were shot through 4 panes of glass, with a 300 mm Tamron lense. The camera was hand held as we had not time to setup the shot. Here's the link to the pictures and the article: We really want to take some much better pictures of wildlife. I've seen some wonderful winter shots of wildlife and was wondering if anyone out there had any tricks of the trade or advice they'd care to share with us. Thanks for all your help.
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@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
27 Jan 11
From what I have read you need to study the animal and learn his habits and routines. Set up a blind and sit and wait. Many of the best wildlife photos have required weeks of waiting and hundreds of pictures to get a few to publish. Or you can depend upon luck. You may have a good spot just move outdoors and wait. Do not go near the place you see him because he will smell your sent and not come back. Good Luck