Annoying Policy,Now My Tool In Earning Money

January 22, 2011 10:05pm CST
When I was in high school,one of the school policies is to speak in English.It is very annoying to all students because English is not our primary language.If we are not going to follow we will be given a sanction depending on how many times we violated the rules or the policy.For four years,i followed the policy because i do not have to be suspended.I am not so good in English construction that time but I tried my best. Now,i came realized the purpose of the school.I should have strive hard before if I know that i will use it in the future.But still i give credits to my school. Without their ANNOYING POLICY,i will not able to express my thoughts,ideas and feelings on the different topics here. What about you?Do you have any experience similar to this that is helping you now? share your opinion.happy mylotting!!
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• Philippines
23 Jan 11
I'm glad you realized that now, and you are grateful to the school where you studied. We Filipinos do find it easy to learn English, we actually have a good command of it. Since childhood we have been bombarded by English words starting at home, in the church, community and the academe. I can only say that your English skills (both in writing and speaking) will help you attain success. But going back to your question, yeah, I also encountered that policy back in high school. And now I appreciate that policy too, which was "annoying" at that time. My teachers would even penalize us if we speak the local language.
• Philippines
23 Jan 11
It's annoying that time but now i am seeing the importance of their policy. filipinos are known for being multi-talented people.we can do everything. though it is hard to study English,we still try it because we know that this will be our tool for us to land in one job.we all know that during the hiring process,you have to answer in english especially if you will be working in call center industry.thanks for sharing.happy mylotting!!
@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
27 Feb 11
Yep. I guess every school in this country has that kind of policy. It would be nice to be trained a second language and to actually practice it but I really do find it silly at times(during that time in school). Not to be judgmental or anything but there are just people who think they're masters of the second language. They would speak it every chance they get maybe to impress other people. But actually, their simple sentence structure, grammar, and spelling isnt correct. Anyway, I didnt abide by those policies. We only had certain places in school that was an "English Speaking Zone". Even inside those zones I would still speak my native language. Most people dont even notice because they understand it and so they just forget to reprimand me about the policy. If I was reprimanded then that's the only time that I speak in English. I speak short enough to get my point across and to minimize using the language. Otherwise, I just dont speak at all.LOL I was hard headed that way that time.^_^ I just think that Im comfortable with my English skills that would prefer to speak it when I want and in the most appropriate of situations. I do agree that learning a second language and forcing us to speak it in our development years has given us the edge in international communication. That's just what I think anyways.^_^
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
26 Jan 11
Well, English is my primary language so I never had to experience anything quite like what you've described. However, I'm now a mother and my daughter goes to a public school that enforces a uniform which I thought was something that was very annoying at first. However, I'm not used to it and I think that being used to dressing professionally is something that is going to be a great benefit to her in her life because she already knows how to conform.
@katcarneo (1442)
• Philippines
25 Jan 11
When I was in high school students who spoke in Tagalog were fined 2 pesos for every Tagalog word uttered. This was only during English class. As a result we were forced to communicate with each other in English and although it seemed awkward at first, we got used to it. My friends and I communicate in English quite efficiently. I don't know if such English-only policies are still being implemented in schools. My teen cousins don't seem to de as adept in English as I was when I was their age.
@Sreekala (23732)
• India
24 Jan 11
Hi rberon, Means the ‘annoyed’ thing turned to be a blessing now. I think many English medium schools has the same rule for improving the speaking ability among students. It is true that many can write well in English but can’t speak properly and this is the only method to overcome the problem. The rule is forcing the students to speak in English. For me, I studies in local language medium school upto 10th standard and English was my second language. So there was not any such rule in my school.
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
23 Jan 11
hello rberon, Well,now you know that some annoying things or things/policies that we consider not so important will someday gives benefits to us. The good thing is,thu we are not an English speaking country,most of us knows how to speak English and understand the language ,even kids can speak the language. I also never imagine that i will be benefited from this,if only i've known then,i could've took the subject seriously. Yes,i am facing same situation like this topic right now. I hate numbers,i hate Math subject..but now i think i need to study about it coz someone offered me a job (not actually a job,but a better opportunity )that deals with this subject..numbers,marketing and business wise. Anyway,i don't feel it is too late to study about this,and i guess it won't take me a long time to learn the nature of business that was offered to me. Have a good day friend
@lizmik143 (138)
• Philippines
23 Jan 11
It was indeed annoying at the time. Sometimes I never even speak but used sign language otherwise I might speak a vernacular word and I have to pay the fine. It was the step used by the Department of Education to impose to students to use the English language in school. Like you rberon I only appreciated that policy when I was in a pre-employment training in a call center. Inside the training you can't speak even one vernacular word. It made me ponder, it could have been different if i tried harder back then.
@maclanis (1850)
• Belgium
23 Jan 11
Wow, that's great! I think it is a good thing that they encourage you to speak English, but a policy forbidding it to speak a language other than English might have been a bit exaggerated. But then again, if it weren't for that, you wouldn't be this good at English right now and you wouldn't be able to earn money online through mylot. I can't exactly say I have a similar experience, because I actually started learning English when I was a child through watching television. I watched shows like the Simpsons every day, and thanks to the subtitles, it helped me to learn English. Later in school we were taught English, but thanks to my watching TV I already knew some English. So I guess this helped me become good at this language and it helped to make oney online!
@orochi (318)
• Denmark
23 Jan 11
Reminds me of something the danish government tried to do; They wanted it to be that you would HAVE to take the 1st year of college in another country before continuing in Denmark. The problem here is mainly that I don't believe that there are enough english speaking colleges but it's also a problem for the math and science students who doesn't understand english at all.
• Philippines
23 Jan 11
Well i guess that is how we felt when we were younger and still studying, for we are not aware yet of the importance of why we were at school. I guess a thing becomes annoying ,when we are not interested on it.And that is how they educate people, inculcate in their minds informations and ideas and they really donot care if you are interested at all. Well you have to pass every subject in order to finish school , this they know.(^_^)