Tax Payer Savings, I Think Not

@teamrose (1499)
United States
January 23, 2011 3:32pm CST
As the result of a swelling (and incorrect, at least in my case) consensus by the public that state workers are lazy and do nothing, there have been some changes in my job... My phone is now gone, replaced with a white board outside my office on which I am to write where I am and when I will be back to my office. Now I will be spending much of my day walking back to my office every 30 mins or whenever I am between tasks to write down what building and what room I am in and approx. how long I might be. My hardwired office telephone is now restricted. Now I must get approval before calling off campus, however; I have multiple calls to vendors and support people on a weekly basis. Just today (now yesterday), a 10 min task turned to more than an hour as a result. My hours are now tracked, with a form and prior approval needed before putting in extra hours or leaving early. These triplicate forms will take me quite a bit of time every day, and I am in a category that neither pays me for overtime nor deducts vacation or sick time from me if I show up at work and then leave at any point in the day, so this is senseless. I've never taken advantage of this before, but I just might in the future now... I won't mention the people needed to file and track these forms. My job description has changed because it was determined I am doing the work of several people, and so now making images and pushing them are no longer my responsibility. In the past 10 years, all 200+ computers were always ready for classes. As of today, with only today to get ready since classes start Saturday, half the computers are not ready at all, and none have printers or peripherals set up. Classes will not have what they need because even full time fully experienced IT people were not able to do the job I normally do and have done for 10 years. They are PC people with no clue about Macs, and no clue as to what is needed by an Art Department. Color profiles, what are those? What are Wacom tablets? What do you mean that plugins are needed? Oh, we don't set any preferences, we slam the software onto a disk and that's it, and it can't be changed. Ugh. Now I will be paid for approx 4 hours of work daily in which I am effectively doing nothing. I will be writing on a whiteboard, getting approval via form after form to make a simple phone call, and relying on an entire team of people to get much of my work done for me. Never mind that they use their own methods and have no ownership of anything; they simply do their job and don't give a care if it is or isn't correct, they don't hear the complaints afterwards. So I would like to thank the public because now I will be collecting more than $100 a day of taxpayer money accounting for how I spend my time and what I am doing, and in the meantime the work will not be done.
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@bounce58 (17523)
• Canada
24 Jan 11
It is very counter-productive. Just like in any organization, I think that the measures that people come up with on how to save money are made by people who don't exactly know what they are talking about. And in this case fail to see the bigger picture. Just wait a little bit, and I'm sure there'll be another project or movement on how to cutback on expenses, and the old way would again be recommended as solution to address this issue.
@hofferp (4739)
• United States
24 Jan 11
I retired in Feb 2006 from the Department of Army after 30+ years. In my last position as Division Chief, I worked 12-18 hours a day and often on the weekends. I was at the top of my payscale, didn't get overtime, etc. And listening now to the "news" about how we (public servants) were/ an overpaid bunch of idiots doesn't set well with me at all. Over the years, I saw management try and do a myriad of things to reduce costs, taking away office vehicles, not spending money on IT, etc. Most of them backfired/costed more in the long run. If someone's abusing the computer, telephone, leave, etc., it's the supervisor's responsibility to stop it. You don't take everyone's computers, telephones, etc. away, you take care of the offending employee. I think your organization's response is a knee-jerk reaction that will end up costing more (lost productivity if nothing else) in the long run. They'll "fix" it later, when they figure it out, but in the mean time... I'd submit "suggestions" to management on how to hold down costs, improve productivity, etc. Until management figures it out, you'll probably just have to hold on and do the best you can...
• United States
23 Jan 11
I do not think that you are saving any money. Just continue with your old habits and do not worry about the future. Your multiple calls to vendors is good but there are other ways to make more money