January 25, 2011 6:00am CST
Well earlier this year, my college friends decided to go for a swim at the beach for a reunion. There were only four of us, but it was really fun. I met a lot of people there. There were also cute guys passing here and through and it was a vitamin to my eyes.LOL. During our small chit-chats, a guy approached us and asked if we would like to have a henna tattoo for such an affordable price. Well, during that time, I still had an extra money and so I accepted the offer. It was one of my wishes to get a henna tattoo.My mom is not in favor of it. But, that time I did not think of my mom. I felt a sense of freedom everytime I look at my tattoo. It was one thing that I break my mom's rules.hehe
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@Hatley (164465)
• Garden Grove, California
25 Jan 11
hi gambamarcela I have no idea just what a henna tatoo looks like that is different from othe tatoos? and your mom does not like it wow.hope its a cute one and she will leanr to like it .lol hope you do not break your mom;s rules too' often. lol
• Philippines
26 Jan 11
It's actually a temporary tattoo hatley. It is not a permanent one. It is like an artist draws something on your skin. There is no needle involved where bleeding occurs. It actually lasts for 2-3 weeks.I don't really like a real tattoo since it's painful. I don't want to feel pain as much as possible.Good thing there's a henna tattoo as an alternative. My mom is really against tattoos. She thinks that it belongs to the devil. But I keep on arguing that it's just an art.hehe.I guess she can't appreciate art that much. She's kinda old eh.
• Philippines
12 Mar 12
wow that is cool getting a henna tats but more fun if you will be getting a permanent one, lol but for the experience it very diff, cause with henna tats its a cool feeling when they are trying to paint your skin while with the permanent one its so painful that you want to go home and just sleep ha ha
@vidhi169 (108)
• India
1 Nov 11
I like henna tattoo. It is very cool. The best thing in it is that it is temporary. You can put different designs on your palm in every 15 to 20 days. I really like this art. I have a link which contain lots of simple designs. You can apply it by yourself. http://mehndidesignsforhands.in
• India
8 Apr 11
Hello friend I don't think you broke any rules, your mom would have been so happy to see the tattoo lol You will be glad to know that in our culture the ladies apply mehandi on palms covering some portion of the wrist, they apply red 'alta' on feet on all festive occassions, during marriage it is a must for the bride and for grooms it is optional!!!! It is better to avoid the chemical based color that looks like mehandi and applied with rubber stamps.. Thanks for sharing Cheers. God bless you, have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘Bhuwan’. .
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
21 Feb 11
Hi. gambamarcela. I know that you must be excited to have a tattoo. I don't want a tattoo. I would like to have one, I just can't push myself to get one, that's all.