Former mayor sentenced

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January 26, 2011 10:53am CST
Hello fellow Mylotters. It is sort of a happy day for me. Sort of because someone got sentenced for stealing from a neighboring city. This caused the city taxes to be raised over three hundred dollars a year, on top of the yearly increase. Here is the story: This former mayor only got eighteen months and nothing is said about any payment back to the city coffers. In my opinion, if money is stolen from any municipality, company, or individual, it should be paid back. I guess the law does not see it the same as I do. This man has been ripping the city off for many years. He had a tow company that was assigned the city contract. Many people liked to hang out at his junkyard, because whatever good parts were on any cars they got to have. Politicians as well as city workers. Then whenever the owner went to retrieve the car, they had a shell. If they had a nice car with expensive or wanted parts, those parts were missing and they could not drive the car off the lot. Yet, this man became our mayor. Of course he was never convicted for these things he did in the junkyard, because he was protected. Mylotters, do you know any politicians who were involved in criminal acts before they were elected?
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@Rollo1 (16686)
• Boston, Massachusetts
27 Jan 11
I am sure that this kind of graft and corruption goes on in many places, but usually the politicians get away with it. Although it's good that this guy was prosecuted, I agree with you that his thefts and dishonesty cost people a lot of money and he should have to pay whatever restitution he is able to pay. Unfortunately, most never get caught at their dirty games.
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• United States
27 Jan 11
True. I do believe many politicians are involved in corruption. I know someone who used to 'work' for politicians. He did a lot of shady things for them in exchange for a good sum of money. The things I learned disillusioned me to say the least. This former mayor and others had paid people off to fix the ballots. Most have not been caught yet. The ballot fixing is hard to prove. It is easy to fix the machines back to their original state so no one is the wiser. I was angry for days when I found this out; my vote doesn't count. It saddened me as well. If someone has the right amount of money, it doesn't matter if the town votes or not. We are still waiting to see what happens with the former controller. He has been in court, and I do not know when it was over or if the court is finished with him yet. I am hoping he spills the beans on all the elected he worked for during his time as controller.