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United States
January 27, 2011 9:00am CST
Did you know you can connect your Google Adsense account to your Triond account and earn money on both? Previously, you would earn money on Triond from page views, based on the ads placed on your article pages. However, Triond has now given the option to link your Google Adsense account and place Google ads on your articles as well and earn half of the proceeds. So far this month I've earned 33 cents through Triond, and 42 cents on my Google Adsense account through Triond, and I've done absolutely nothing except write 2 new articles for Triond earlier this month. My Google Adsense account is also accumulating money through my blog on Blogger. So far this month in total my Google Adsense account has earned about a dollar.. that's from Triond and blog views. Okay, so I admit that's not much. I'm sure there are people out there earning a lot more than that. However, I've had my Google Adsense account for a few years and until now it has only earned $15.00 in those few years. This month alone it earned $1, and almost half of that is from integrating it with Triond (I'm also promoting my blog more than I used to.) Have you connected your Google Adsense account to Triond yet? If you have a Triond account, but not a Google Adsense account, does this make you want to open a Google Adsense account? Does it make you want to write another Triond article? If you've already connected your Google Adsense and Triond accounts, how much have you earned this month? (I promise I won't get jealous if you've earned more than me!) BTW- I love that Triond's payout is only 50 cents, so much easier to reach that every month. I just wish Google Adsense would lower they're payout a little bit!
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@Devilova (5396)
• Indonesia
27 Jan 11
Yes, you right about that. Also, you can use hubpages, bukisa and some others site that have same services like Triond. In Bukisa, you will earn more then 50%.And in hubpages, you will earn 100%.
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