Choosing House and Lot in Suburbs than Condos in the Metro

@freymind (1352)
January 28, 2011 3:38pm CST
M fiancée and I are thinking of buying our own house instead of renting. It's not effective for us because of the cost on renting a studio room in the metropolis. I wanted to buy a house that is near the busy metropolis but is far enough not to be in the too noisy, busy streets of it all. It's convenient for us to be in a condo near our work place since the travel time will be cut in almost 90% but the fact that we're both from suburban places, we're missing the fresh air and the quietness of living in one. We're about to buy a condo but the disadvantages of owning one arise when I read their building policies; Dogs aren't allowed in condos & if they are, you can only bring toy dogs. I'm not into them since i'm used to playing rough with my Pitt bull and Labs. The last time I tried playing with my aunt's Chihuahua, he almost sprained his ankle when were playing catch and retrieve. No DSL connection. When the agent told me that I told her point blank that I won't be buying their condo anymore. My Internet Connection is important to me as I'm working online so having an unstable Internet Connection won't do me any good. Right now were still looking for the right area and property to buy. Next year will be a new chapter for us.
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@wilmscz (104)
• Philippines
21 Feb 11
hi there freymind... in think owning a house and lot in more advantageous than a condo unit. :)
@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
2 Feb 11
I didn't know that rules for condos are different from singapore and philippines. Over here, condos are allowed to have dogs, big dogs as long as they are not those aggressive types such as german shepherd or pitt bull and others. While huskies, coggies, chow chow are allowed though some of them are big in size. I have seen alot of toy dogs around which is more popular as they look cuter, and more obedient.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
31 Jan 11
For us, we thought it important to have a freestanding home of our own for a variety of reasons. The most important reason that we wanted to have a home of our own was because we didn't want to have to be slaves to other people's demands. We are allowed to have pets in our home and no one complains about it (except for our neighbor that doesn't seem to like dogs). In addition to that, we like the fact that it is quiet in our home. And, you are very right with the importance of having an internet connection in your home.