Our paradigm of religious paradigm. Doktrinitas Reality?

January 29, 2011 7:35pm CST
No doubt, most of us religion is because our parents or family are religious. for example, we converted to Islam because Islam our parents. over time, precisely which continues to be invested by our scholars are doktrinitas religion, by which I mean that everything is uncertain, and beyond a certain (being taught) were considered to deviate / wrong. So for those who disbelieve the identity emerging out of line! Is not religion is a mercy? I find value in religion is a universal value. then why there is always a claim that the truth is just hers? The fundamental question, did we understand what we do (in religion)?
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• Indonesia
3 Feb 11
Then why there is always a claim that the truth is just hers? However, if we are correct and in-depth understanding of each religion, I believe these claims to be not important. It would be very strange when people really cried herself properly. why not let others be the judge.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 11
Religion was born / there is because the human mind / knowledge. Level of ability to think every person is different. That which makes each person has different capabilities in accepting beliefs / religion. Our parents, with existing capabilities have discovered / believed a religious doctrine. Which automatically will convey his belief to their children. If the child is different in the intellect and instinct, of course then the child could be looking for different beliefs. and could also be the same based on the development of the child's mind. Usually if a person believes religion from the search results themselves (not the Religion offspring), will generate confidence / Religion distinguished thoroughly tested. And will be visible by anyone else attitude and temperament as well as spoken in the community. So the conclusion: There are two classes of men in believing Religion. Religion Satau was because of me-too / descent, Two of her Religious of the search results / learning according to their own abilities.
• Indonesia
30 Jan 11
There has long been that kind of thinking, from the time of Jesus even. Jews had also thought they were the most true and ultimately assume Jesus was blaspheming God until Jesus was crucified. maybe the story of Jesus is for some people is a story of a savior who must suffer to atone for the sins of mankind, but behind it there is also a story of how if someone interprets scripture differently from existing ones, the religious officials tried to silence the person. "then why there is always a claim that the truth is his??" because religion no longer be felt with the heart but only a pat on the head of human thought so consequently there are other teachings that are different, they are afraid of losing people. why be afraid? because they also feel the "truth" the new doctrine. "have we understand what we do (in religion)?" to be honest, not yet. during the life of religion in society so far I have seen still within the limits of "duty" seldom have "heart consciousness" in religious activities
• China
30 Jan 11
I am not religious,my parents aren't religious,either.But I think being religious is just psychology comforting.
@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
30 Jan 11
It seems to me that most are religious, because their parents were religious, as were their Grandparents. If there was value in religion on earth, as there is (supposedly) in heaven, would we not be able to see that value, as Love and Enlightenment? Can anyone point to a fact of history that defines the value of religion, right here on earth?