Dear Old mother!

@EdnaReyes (2628)
January 30, 2011 7:27am CST
Do you think an old mother, 80 years old deserves to be hurt by her children, I mean emotionally ? Do children has the right to blame their old mother for this siblings rivalry? Please share your thoughts!
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@grace24 (1050)
• Philippines
27 Apr 11
For me its a big no because after all its your mother and you don't have the right to talk such things like that. She is too old for her age to be blamed for all the wrongdoings that she did for the past. She must be respected by her son/daughter no matter what she did in the past. Maybe the argument will not aggravate if this matter has been cleared before when she was young. She doesn't have enough energy to argue with them. Have pity on her, she is old and maybe she is regretting for not doing anything to clean this problem of their family.
@jacklintan (1302)
• Malaysia
31 Jan 11
The mother of 80 years old portrays a sentimental and humble features towards many out there. I have to say, there must be a reason towards to blame. I have seen a mother who cause arguements in the family and siblings rivalry. sorry
• United States
30 Jan 11
Aww sad really that anyone would intentionally and even indirectly hurt their mother. It is especially sad when someone hurts one of such elder age as wow, can we all remember without her we would not be born and or here today. I am one who never had a mother and can't for the life of me imagine to hurt mine if I was to meet her. I am a mother and for the life of me love and respect is expected from and by me to the kids.
@ruthsm (222)
• Thailand
30 Jan 11
No mother, young and old, deserves to be hurt by her children. No child has the right to do so. But I think the mother has a share why sibling rivalry take place in the family. There is always tendency for rivalry within the family but if parents crushed the bud when it started to show up, I don't think it would come this worse. BUT since the mother is already 80 years old, the children must be old enough to sort out the problem and there's no sense blaming their poor old mother. They are now responsible for their own action. That's my 2 cents! Hope I'm making sense.