How do we believe about everything?

January 31, 2011 12:03am CST
in each case, there are different paradigms. It certainly appears from the perspective of the individual in interpreting a case. The problem is some individuals who "forced"as a faith perspective is the most correct . but to interpret the phenomenon of course we will examine from the perspective of where we are assessing. say culture that affect us. so you think how would we respond wisely to the above? because the conflict is not due to differences in systems, but our differences of interpretation that we do! Let us be wise and intelligent discussion, not because of mere doktrinitas ..!
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• Indonesia
7 Feb 11
In my opinion a healthy discussion that could have provided a good discussion based on prejudice and the spirit of brotherhood. Also perhaps we could avoid the use of provocative words, and prevents the bait from the words themselves that way. I think the discussion has often happened to walk comfortably, suddenly so hot out of control just because one or two postings that are provocative.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 11
Calm the mind which brings peace. difference is not the case, the real problem is thought to be with the jury, make your mind who is not impartial witnesses. Example: there are a and b, if your mind so she told a jury in advance of b thus a better. or maybe he said after a mean b b newer thus b better.
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
31 Jan 11
interesting ... I think it is St Augustine who said: "Neither do I understand that I believe ... But I believe in order that I may understand. For if I do not believe, I will never understand." I firmly believe those who do not believe are not at fault ... It seems to take the Will of the Invisible, All-Powerful for someone to believe :) What do you think ?