Did you know, How Do We Change OUR Character?

January 31, 2011 3:29am CST
That can change our character is our own. We ourselves want to stay in conditions like this or want to change, all depending on the intentions of our own, How?
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• Indonesia
7 Feb 11
Currently I still keep trying to move from character and my bad habit, towards a better life. And I'm grateful, more and trying to change, the greater the love of God that I feel. I always pray to God, may God add a useful science for me.
@SIMPLYD (83191)
• Philippines
4 Feb 11
Sometimes circumstances in life changes us too. If before you are used to living luxuriously, then it's time to be simpler, now that times are hard. When we realize ourself not to be doing the right things anymore, it is time to change. We have to have a motivation and determination to change for the better in addition to seeking the help of our God.
• Philippines
3 Feb 11
Character is what others think of you because of how you acted and how you spoke to others. There are many things that define a person's character like how they judge others, how they treat others, etc.. so you might wanna consider those factors. I don't think it's that easy to change but if you're changing for the better, then no one is stopping you. I've always thought that when you're changing to make yourself a better person, the pressure will come from within and when you're changing yourself for the worse, the pressure will come from outside.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 11
Yupz ... By surrendering ourselves to God and kept thinking "Thinking Hat" .. God willing, we are able to .... But things can change ourselves is ourselves accompanied by a strong desire and persistence without stopping ... And always reflection on religion.
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
31 Jan 11
interesting. It seems character is a result of what we repeatedly think and do ... Perhaps in order to change character, we change what we repeatedly think and therefore do. They say what I do is based on how I feel ... they say its the FTAR mechanism = first FEEL then THINK then ACT then REACT .. For instance, we feel hungry ... then we think food then we choose, we act in getting the food we want then we eat and we are either satisfied or not ... and repeat the process ... They say in the FTAR , the critical moment is between FT and AT . We have the choice to select the best action out of "critical thinking". We can change our character by selecting the best action and therefore feel satisfied with what we do ... For instance, I can feel the need to impress others by showing them I do good works .. after a while, I realize that the true reward in doing good is not the good opinion of other people, but rather a blissful alignment to the Invisible, All-Powerful that makes all things possible... What do you think ?