Sin Of A Mother

January 31, 2011 11:41am CST
Dear All friends in Mylot. First, I want to apologise if my title about tempt to offend you. Secondly, this is a true confession of a daughter who have witnessed a humanbeing named "mother" who have done things which resulted hurting the daughter and inflicted huge wounds which will take ages to forget. Most women will become mothers soon. Maybe one day. Every daughters born to this earth will carry the responsibilities as a mother one day as to take care of their children and bringing up the family. "sin of a mother" in fact is a real life story of a woman who was adopted by a family and was forced to work during the world war 2. She was disliked because she never a likable attitude to the foster parents. During the olden days, children were made to work hard for the family. They worked as hard as the cow in the paddy field. When this adopted daughter reached the age of 18, she married a yound handsome man who worked for a merchant from China. Right after they got married, she gave birth to a daughter. In olden days, Chinese family never fond of daughter. She was given away to her grandmother and was taken care of until she reaches the age of 5 years old. She was always a happy child and was the apple's eye of her grandmother. After her grandmother passed away due to old age, she returned to her parent's care. Ever since she has to take care of her 7 siblings which include 4 brothers and 3 sisters. She was never liked by her mother ever since she came back from her grandmother. She was forced to wash 10 family member's clothings everyday. She need to take care of households, washing the pig's farms and feeding the animals everyday. Due to hefty workloads back home, she hardly have time to study and only managed to completed up to O-Level of education at that time. Right after she reaches age 22, she met a young man who was 5 years elder than her. Then, she married the second's son from a well to do family. This family runs a spareparts shop back in an old town. Right after she married into the family, she was never a happy person. She have to endure numerous arguements with the sister in-laws and became unlikable person. Right then, she decided to move out from the family and lived a life free from the in-laws. After she gave birth to her first daughter, she was expecting second daughter. To no avail, she began praying for a son. Unfortunately, she was expecting more daughters to come. In the end, she has 5 daughters. I guess, as a mother herself now, she repeated the same mistakes her mother have done for her during the past. She spent most of time working with her clerical jobs back then. To her, money is everything. She indulged in the high class society where she worked for her lady boss. She adored becoming rich people's wife and how their life was filled with no monetery issues. Her children were not harboured with love.Everyday, her children lead a routine life without the mother. Right after they woke up, her children will get themselves ready for school.The elder daughter will be taking care of the younger sisters. All her children were forced to study hard to get a place in the uni and to make believe that education is the only way to success back then. There were times when the children were forced to chase after their tuition fees from the parents. There were times too, when the children have to stay awake in the middle of the night to do the accounting paperworks for the mother due to deadlines. Love is not spoken and express freely. In fact,children back in 70s are still facing detrimental influences from parents who lives in 1940s. Whatever the parents borned in 1940s encountered from their parents, it was put into practice towards their children. Weeping as punishment, heavy hair grabbing and throwing punches onto the children's face,children were torn in between of parent's arguements, children being used as a weapon by their mother to against father's bad gambling habits, children claimed as her responsibilities and hinders her freedom, children claimed to breed the bad genetics and etc. Today, after the father have passed on, the mother have yet to settle her flamboyant attitudes.The mother accused her own daughters for wanting to possess the father's inheritance where in fact NONE was taken by her own daughters. Today, the little girl who was onced an apple of her late grandmother's eye, have become none other than a green eye monster who throw accusations and spreading untrue rumours amongst her own daughters, witnessing how her daughters killing each others. Lie after lies were made by the mother. Most of her in-laws claimed her for being a selfish woman who greeds her husband's poccessions.(No matter how far the children would like to deny this, it is still remain a true fact that the mother is as greedy as ever). The mother insecurities have not only hinders the love from her children, but also hinders her from making friends. In other words, she has no friends and relatives. (The father's last wish was he rather die than seeing her wife torture him with harsh and mean words) What has this little girl has become? Even as a 60 year old mother herself today?
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