Have you ever encounter someone who will keep on laughing easily ?

Hong Kong
February 1, 2011 5:33am CST
Isaughing a good thing, I think it is . At least people who do that with kindness (of course not in a way to insult others)will always create a happy atmosphere. I still remember once I was in school, one of my friends girl friend alwyas laugh . The way she laugh was really happy and long laugh. Somehow I wonder if she would ever stop. She was just a funny girl who will laugh almost on anything you say and she acts so silly. I think my friend gor a very happy wife since she will alwyas laugh at home or outside and anywhere hse goes. What a funny lady,ha ha ha.. You turn to share about your experience.
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
2 Feb 11
In fact, yes, I have met a girl like that recently. She is in her mid thirties. Very nice, polite, and courteous girl. But, she would laugh so much just about at any thing said, by herself, or by any one else. That was so anazing. Almost non-stop. I have not met any one like her before. Well, I guess, as you say, it is good for her health.
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• Calgary, Alberta
1 Feb 11
My second cousin is like that, she laughs about everything. I kinda remember together with my other cousins wer were chilling in a restaurant and having some chit chat and she cant help but laugh and she is so scandalous and she doesn't give a damn what other people think, if she feels like laughing she will laugh. Lets hide her in the name Carmela Nicole (last name not included) I hope she is not reading this.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
4 Feb 11
Right off the top, I really can't think of someone that would always keep me laughing from the time that I met them. However, in my recollection, as I've gotten to know some of the people that are in my life better, there are some people that will keep me laughing all the time. Those are the kind of people that I find that I enjoy spending the most time with because those are the people that tend to not bring me down.
@jordq7 (576)
• Philippines
2 Feb 11
Hi there wildlittlefan!!! Well one of my officemates really laugh easily.She laughs loud that all of us in the office laughs along with her.I don't know her that well coz I only met her in the office where me and my classmates are having our on the job training.She laughs everyday that it seems that there's no more tomorrow. Well I think this attitude of her is very pleasing coz it really helps others to also feel so much better and to feel more enthusiastic in work.It is actually very boring in our office before when shes not yet assigned in our department in the office,but now that shes there our office became more lively and full of life.