if you are the president

February 2, 2011 4:24am CST
Many people nowadays have been disappointed with their current head of state. Citing the example of what is happening to Egypt. Not only that, but if you try reading the news, you can see many articles about the different heads of states creating a fuss with their recent short doings or whatever mistake they made. For our discussion, if you are the president of your country what would you think should be your first priority to appease the cries of your people? Just a thought. Have a nice discussion.
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@megamatt (14327)
• United States
2 Feb 11
I really think that I would never be the President. I would never want to be the President. Really in the best of the times or in the worst of times, everything that the President does in any country is looked at with a critical eye. No matter what direction they would take, there will always be people really talking about how they should have done something else. If I somehow had gotten myself into that predicament I would really make the people who are citizens of my country first priority. It is admirable we want to help other countries, but when our own people are suffering, really it is not a smart idea to do so. Its a harsh world out there, we can't stick our necks out, when our legs are getting chopped off behind us. So we got to really focus on the people in our country.
2 Feb 11
Well, i will utmostly prioritize the needs of the poor people. Most of the people all over the world suffers hunger. I will organize a committee to look after them and provide them their basic needs.