It's seemed to always be supervised house arrest?

@gengeni (3308)
February 2, 2011 4:47am CST
I am a girl who happened to have a boyfriend who is very possessive, perhaps simple description is that he always asks "where are you now, with whom, what are u doing" like a song, right? sometimes worse also when we are dizzy, and then we get an sms message or phone calls to interrogate us like that. especially we in the formal atmosphere and we do not feel is cheating. seemed to hate. is a suggestion from you that help me for this problem?
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@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
16 Feb 11
Communication is very important in dating relationships undergo. If you feel this is his attitude that less could ye have received, it should be discussed together with the fine, so you two can find a better way to solve the problem. When your girlfriend to be like that of course he too has a purpose and reason are not necessarily negative, maybe the intention is to pay attention to you even though sometimes rather too much (too dear), but if he be too cool of course you consider complaints as well because he does not care about your sake . The period is the period dating to recognize each other and fix the attitude of each (found a match), suppose there is one partner who has shortcomings, it is only fitting that the other couples trying to equip it with a genuine shortage, in order to achieve together to live a normal life expectancy in the same goals and mission. During his attitude can still be repaired, then it is appropriate that you participate actively in seeking improvement, hopefully with the guidance of good, he too can be realized for the good of you together. Success.
• Indonesia
3 Feb 11
If he feels more deeply have you, then he felt a great responsibility to you. many positive aspects that can be able to: 1. your boyfriend would be comfortable if he knows you where, with whom, again doing. 2. your boyfriend is also easy to answer if you went with someone else, 3. if there is something that does not want, if you do not mind with the "want of knowledge" they will be your lover ... would not it be easier to find and more quickly assist you? Negative terms: You're so uncomfortable and ashamed of your friends, feel watched. Swear ... if you can open with each other and trust each other ...... happiness in the married someday you will get.
@akangirl (2436)
• India
2 Feb 11
My advice to you would be to first talk it out with him.Tell him how much it bothers you but not when you are having to him when he is calm.You also need your space and nobody owns you babe but if he doesn't understand refuse to behave like a mature guy then its better you break the relation now as it would get really worse if you keep ignoring this behavior of his.Trust is the very pillar on which love stands and if he can't trust you then he don't deserve you.Take a stand now for sake of your self respect.Be strong.Good luck buddy
@owlwings (40039)
• Cambridge, England
2 Feb 11
My advice is to get away from that person altogether. Nobody deserves to have their every move questioned or to have to explain and justify everything they do. Such an attitude may seem like 'care' or 'concern' at first but it is really due to a very deep-seated insecurity in the other person which, I'm afraid, is almost impossible to cure. If you want to be yourself and free, you owe it to yourself to completely cut any such person out of your life, no matter what other good qualities you see in him.