Sleep Training A One Year Old Baby....

Bedtime - This is the look when I tell Farrah it's bedtime. It's almost like she's thinking, "Wanna bet?"
February 4, 2011 11:46pm CST
My wife and I have been discussing sleep training of our 1 year old daughter. Her normal pattern, right now, is...when it's my wife's turn to get her to bed, she has the lights low, on her lap (on pillow), with her favorite bear, "Mr.Blue". It usually takes anywhere between 10-40 min. to get her to fall asleep this way. Me...I don't have the patience for that and have found that I can get her to sleep in about 10-20 min (sometimes less if Farrah is really tired), by rocking her in my arms in her room (dark with a little night light). Although these methods are working for us, as she is a good sleeper and will usually sleep from 7pm - 7am, sometimes waking at around 11:30pm for a few minutes of crying, at which point, if it's my "turn" I just rock her for few minutes and set her back into the crib, but my wife will bring her out to the living room and allow her to fall asleep on her lap again. She does this because she doesn't have the arm strength to rock her back to sleep like I do. Now, like I said, our routine is working for us, but we know that we're at the point where we should try to correct this pattern. So, we tried the sleep method of putting her in her crib and sitting on the floor to let her know we're still there so they don't feel abandoned. Lucky me...I was the first to try it. After 15 minutes of Farrah standing, laughing, screaming for joy, and tossing everything out of her crib, she then began to start crying. Not her normal cry, but of "bloody murder" type cry. I lasted about 15 more minutes with that and decided that I couldn't do that to her. Call me a softy...whatever. I just felt like I was torturing her, not to mention the torture for me...sitting on the floor with my back to my child with my thumbs plugging my ears. It felt wrong. I went with my instinct and reverted back to rocking her, but tried to put her down earlier than normal. This worked. Not that I was shocked, but my wife was a little disappointed that I didn't try to last longer. I told her that she should try it just to understand the different feelings that you go through. I don't thinks she's going to try it, as I only had extremely negative things to say about this method. This is why I'm turning to the mylot community. This is our first child and we want to make sure we raise her properly, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
6 Feb 11
I helped my wife raise 4 boys, and we always had fun with them. You didn't tell us how much or how often your daughter sleeps during the day? How long before bedtime does she eat? Its a good idea for them to go to bed on a full stomach, because its nice to have them sleep all night without waking up hungry about 3 am. Also make sure she is ready to sleep at bedtime by keeping her awake and busy for a time before putting her to bed. We started reading bedtime stories to our boys at a very early age. Get the childrens books with large colored pictures and show the pictures and explain them as you read the story. This works wonders and often before the story is finished the kid is fast asleep.
• Canada
7 Feb 11
We always feed her supper, let her play for a bit, give her a bottle, read her a book, and then get her to sleep. The problem isn't that she's not sleeping at night, it's that we are looking for the best and most effective way to sleep train her so that I don't have to rock her to sleep and my wife doesn't have her fall asleep in her lap.
• Estonia
20 Mar 11
I also tried some sleep programs with my 7 months old boy, I couldnĀ“t do it...First night it took about one hour to sleep and other nights less, but my babyboy was so stressed about the process, that he started to wake up after every 20 minutes...I decided to stop the terror and hope that some day he would like to fell asleep in his own bed and I could have my bed just for myself again...