United States
February 5, 2011 5:36am CST
How is it possible that a virus can infect your computer from a website
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@genius277 (535)
• Indonesia
7 Feb 11
of course its possible, you can view a website because your browser translate a script in a webpage to be displayed in your browser. Sometimes this script contains a dangerous script that can be harmful for your computer, like installing unwanted application, downloading malware or something like that. We can't see what actually hiding behind a webpage(its script). Usually i am using a NoScript addons to block all scripts in a webpage that i don't trust. It even better than antivirus because its directly stop all script to running.
@reneezoso (393)
• India
5 Feb 11
well . .while using websites..there is constant exchange of data goingon. .and hackers post their malware of spyware roaming around..and its unlucky..u get one and ur computer getting infected..
• Philippines
5 Feb 11
a lot of ways that virus can infect your computer from a website.. by viewing picture, by opening unsecured site, downloading picture, music.
@owlwings (39611)
• Cambridge, England
5 Feb 11
There are many ways in which a website can download malware (that is, trojans, viruses, spyware and such things) to your PC without you realising until it is too late. The ONLY safe solution is to install a good Antivirus software and to keep both it and Windows up to date with automatic updates. There is only one way of making sure that your computer is 100% safe and that is by not switching it on at all! However, a good antivirus software will protect you against practically all of the malware you are likely to encounter.