Does the celebrity called Jordan really need tax-payers help?

February 6, 2011 7:32am CST
To begin with, i didnt know which column to put it under?, but jordan is Pretty, so i thought that would be the one. In my National paper yesterday it said that Jordan, who had noticed the Paparazzi at her gates, so she called the Police(tax-payers help), who came to her aid, although she said it was one of her aides that did it?, Not!!. So when Jordan (Celebrity) left her home, immediately a police car followed.(tax-payers money) Other road users could not believe Jordan was getting a Police escort along the road and into and along the motorway. This was all so the Paparazzi could not get close to take Pictures, which was how she got to be a Celebrity in the first place.There was also a video posted on youtube which showed the police car with added flashing lights and sign saying Hold Back and Block. Fumming motorists were forced to hit their brakes and slow right down behind the police car, this took 8 minutes, while Jordans sister Sophie who was driving Jordans range rover car spead off. Jordan was earlier Banned from driving due to accumlinatting sum 13 points following speeding points etc.One tax payer hit out, saying that police resources are being Abused!!. Who also agrees with the tax payer, and who thinks Celebritys should get this sort of services, and finally if they do get this service, should they not pay for it?.....
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@owlwings (40039)
• Cambridge, England
6 Feb 11
I think that Jordan earns quite enough - and pays enough in taxes - to qualify for police protection.
7 Feb 11
Do you really think like that?, well maybe i agree with you, i guess you dont get to your amount, if you dont know much about life!!?. Im glad of your comments, thanks