He wont pay the moneyback

@jojo732 (295)
February 9, 2011 6:06am CST
A friend of mines daughters asked her mother if she would loan her then boyfriend $1000 for a second hand car that he needed for work, after much pestering, my friend agreed to use her credit cards and gave the boyfriend the money on the strict understanding that he was to pay her back $200 each month until the $1,000 was paid off,which of course he agreed to. Not long after,my friends daughter and the boyfriend split up,and he is now refusing to pay back the outstanding balance. And the lesson she has now learnt is never never ever give into your childs pestering especially if it involves wanting money for their 'I really love him and he really loves me..'boyfriends.. Have a great day jojo732
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• Romania
9 Feb 11
Hello jojo, I'm sorry for the thing that she had to go through, but has she done any papers to make sure she's covered in case something happens? Because, if the car is in her daughter's exboyfriend name, than i don't think they can do anything, except in case that laws are different in your country and she gets her justice by being the one to use the credit card to buy the car. That's a very classic kind of abuse from people with no moral code. Sure, is easier this way, get upset and forget to pay your debt; he must even feel justified, but we all have to pay attention, and where money are concern, not let anything at hazard. Maybe his parents will help her sort this out and get her money back.
@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
9 Feb 11
If the Mother apparently didn't have cash money available to lend at the time and had to go further into debt using her credit cards to get this evidently ungrateful b****** a car,I think it only fair if she took him to court to get the car back..after all,She paid for it,and She's got nothing to lose if this is his attitude to her generosity..