Do you smooke ? What do you think about smooke and smooker ?

Baby smooker - Baby that smooke
November 19, 2006 1:37am CST
I do, i smooke 20 - 30 cigars every days. What about you guys? Do you think I should stop?
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• Malaysia
15 Dec 06
No. I am not a smoker and I never smoke. I am sure my boy friend will not like a smoker. I think that a girl smoking is not attractive and look like bad girl. Beside this, smoking absolutely not good to our health and may cause many types of cancer, slow our reaction, heart problems, AIDs and many more. wasting money is another issue. Somebody said that they can enjoy by smooking, I am not sure because I never try it but I think there are many other ways to relax instead of smoking.
@SViswan (12071)
• India
19 Nov 06
You definitely should stop. I had an uncle who would smoke like a chimney. But my mother would never let him smoke at our place. If not for youself, atleast think of the others around you who inhale all the smoke you puff out (even if they don't want to). Don't you think it's very inconsiderate of you not to think about the health of the other people around you? People who smoke at public places really irritate me.