Why, when we are angry, it always adds a new problem?

@rifnee (1713)
February 9, 2011 10:31am CST
When we are angry for some reason, where the emotion out of control again, and blew up, sometimes we do not control anymore, angry and self-justifying, and assume other people are STUPID, disgusting, finally came out harsh words, slander, ridicule, and even condescending. Without realizing it, we consider ourselves are the perfect and the best.
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@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
10 Feb 11
now see the point of the problem, if we are angry for the truth, not might add to the problem, but will fix the problem. But instead, we are angry with resentment and emotion distinguished high control, I think adding to the problem again.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
20 Feb 11
Yep .... we are angry but do not be until sunset, was allowed's Greetings. Anger is not a little bit angry when a lot of love when angry a little bit.
• Indonesia
18 Feb 11
For we know Him who said "Vengeance is MY RIGHT. I will repay." And again: "God will judge his people" Why be angry and feel right if the problem long and we add in the eyes of the LORD never solve the problem.
@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
12 Feb 11
may be teased or maybe in the disturbed because've destiny try if you're in your heart ridicule
@stk40m (1119)
• Koeln, Germany
9 Feb 11
yep, just like violence causes more violence. Reminds me of 92 year old Nelson Mandela who when he was young fought peaceful against apartheid. Recently I saw a documentary about him. In 1960 there was a demonstration and people were killed by government forces. In the documentary I could see an old footage from that time where he said something like: we have always been peaceful but now that violence has turned against us we cannot stay peaceful anymore. I thought: Oh no, so they started to kill, too. But my thought was wrong: they said that their (Mandela's movement) ''violence'' was only directed against the infrastructure of the country, not against people. He went into prison but after many years when he had been released he even became the president of South Africa. So he achieved his goals but he achieved them without violence.
• United States
9 Feb 11
I believe its because we atrract what we think about. If your thinking how much you dislike something or someone, other feelings of disconnectedness and anger continue to just build momentum and get worse. On the opposite side of the spectrum, feeling good and loving everyone and everything causes you to truly feel connected, joyful, and appreciative. I believe thats our natural state of being. Being pure and positive loving energy. Thats why it feels bad to be angry and think thoughts about hurting others or that your above another. Because it doesn't agree with our natural state of being. Just think good appreciative thoughts and they will continue to build momentum, and thats when you feel truly good and things start aligning in your life.
@beamer88 (4267)
• Philippines
9 Feb 11
Anger really is a powerful emotion than can sometimes block our sense of rationality. For me, it's one of two emotions, jealousy being the other, that can shut close our open-mindedness. And once that happens, we begin to think of things in a negative way. And you're right, even to the point that everyone is inferior to you.
@celticeagle (119865)
• Boise, Idaho
9 Feb 11
If we do not have control over our anger then we are apt to react in a negative way. We need to humble ourselves,clutch ourselves and breath. THink about what has happened and verbalize on it but only after taking the before mentioned steps. Life is short and we really need to get a handle on the anger quickly.