February 9, 2011 4:07pm CST
the topic "suspicious activity?" just got duplicated!! i did not mean to! :( when about to hit the submit button i realized i had to edit something so i ticked BACK and edited off.. not realizing it make a duplicate report! grrr... now i know.. lesson learned.. sorry admin. you can erase the duplicate. sorry. :(
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@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
9 Feb 11
hi geonelynn did you ever notice that exclamation point after the plus and minus signs? that is used to report not only insulting stuff but to ask mylot admins to help you by deleting something that you inadvertently had made duplicates off. you just tell them I had accidentally made three copies of this instead of the one I wanted to post.please delete them. I have had to do this often. Some glitch happens and you have three of something when you only wanted one. lol so just hit the exclamation point and tell mylot what happened ;. they will do the rest.
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• Philippines
9 Feb 11
just did! thanks for helping out!! learned something new today!!! thanks.