what's to enjoy or not to enjoy??

Democratic Republic Of The Congo
February 10, 2011 12:04am CST
Lots of people say oh am enjoying life or oh life is terrible! What's really the meaning of this? Is to enjoy life a daily thing or a summation? I mean we know you can have a nice day today and a terrible one next day! So how do you determine whether one is enjoying life. Some people actually make fun of this and say..life is enjoying them!! As for me, I simply take a day as it comes and try to be as positive as possible..its the way I lay a foundation for an enjoyable tomorrow. If I mess up today, its a sure way tomorrow will not be enjoyable! What's really to enjoy life?? Over to you! see me also at twitter: http://twitter.com/toloveandtohold
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@GreenMoo (11842)
11 Feb 11
We can joy individual moments even when life is not going as we'd hoped. If we look around us we can quickly come up with many reasons to be happy or thankful. Adding up all those little moment can turn a day full of negativity into a better one.
@staria (2782)
• Philippines
10 Feb 11
Yes, do not worry about tomorrow. Life is a mixture of emotions and it is normal not to have a perfect life. But you can change things depends on how you react to it. Continue to look at life in a brighter and lighter perspective.