Communist Good for Developing Country

February 10, 2011 4:22am CST
few days ago i have discussed with my friend about condition in some developing countries. Some developing countries have bad condition and democracy does not run well. Some of people act so anarchist. then he said that the best ideology for developing country is communist. how about you?
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@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
14 Feb 11
i dont think so..indonesia had ever get the bad experience with comunist dont do it again...
@jwfarrimond (4474)
10 Feb 11
Can you think of any communist or recently formerly communist country that is prosperous? It failed in the Soviet Union, it's failed in Cuba, It's failed in North Korea. After the collapse of the Soviet Union all of the Eastern European countries which were part of the Soviet empire were so poor that they have needed huge injections of capital to try to bring them up to the standards enjoyed in the rest of Europe. and even now, 20 years after the end of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe is still much poorer that Western Europe. China calls itself communist, but it's actually a dictatorship as in fact are all so called communist governments. The ideals of a communist society as set out by Marx and later by Lenin have never been realised in practice. What happens in practice, and has been shown by history, is that the ideals quickly become no more than lip service parroted by brutal dictatorships to justify themselves.