tackling complexity in a simple file system ....

@ruperto (1552)
February 13, 2011 1:53am CST
It seems there are many software packages that tackle complexity in its many forms. For instance, Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino (?) seems to have built a sophisticated teamware that allows members to share notes and keep track of what each member has read ... it sounds like email with the added capability of linking discussions and files into an application that eases the real world issues e.g. "group critical thinking", "managing new information", "gathering consensus" etc ... As a simple example, an engineer joins an existing project and receives a copy of project files with technical drawings and design documents ... As we know that file system will have the usual folders and timestamps of each file ... it seems useful to view these files in a "multiple" views workspace e.g. MS has already done sorting e.g. by name, time, size etc ... What if the file attributes can be user defined such as "for further reading", "submit Q1 2011", "derive questions for next meeting". Is there a software that does that? What do you think ?
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