do the assessment before married

@advokatku (4037)
February 13, 2011 4:43am CST
Many people get married and then realized that she who had be his spouse turned out to have a different life plan .. that's would be painful and certainly marital commitment no longer in line. Friend, please remember .... before deciding to get married, you must do the assessment. Before the deal with marriage, you must needs to be time to explore each other or know each other .., that's very important and very useful to build a sense of togetherness. This is not to be instant ..need a the process .. adjustment very important so we can reach the right target in a wedding
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@staria (2782)
• Philippines
22 Feb 11
Yes, as marriage is an important chapter in one's life, they should be able to ensure that they are marrying the right person as not to regret in the end. I believe that the more you knew the person before marriage, the more you will last. It is important that you know them at a more deeper level and both of you are matured enough to deal w/ a lasting relationship.
@aisoice (272)
• Indonesia
21 Feb 11
Right, I strongly agree with your opinion. Because we hope the wedding was only one time forever, so we do not mistake in choices. And keep in mind, this is not for a while, but FOREVER.
@nangisha (3504)
• Indonesia
13 Feb 11
I think before marriage we need to make sure we talk about what we want in the future and especially our dream. I think before I say YES to someone we need to solve our difference in essential matters like money management, our family, how we will do our parenting job, how to respect each others and give room to grow. I think this day its really risky to marriage someone before make sure every thing. As people who think there is will only one marriage in my life. Its a precaution need to take. I think after marriage every thing has to do as way to made it work for us and child.
@Hatley (164468)
• Garden Grove, California
13 Feb 11
hi advokatku yes indeed its calling dating and you kiss a lot of frogs before you meet Mr. right. then you start dating and learning all about each other. Do you both love children or dont want children? do you both love cats and dog? Are you so comfortable with each other its as if you had known each other for years? What are your styles in taking care of money? ARe you both on the same page? these are questions you must answer through your dating.
• India
13 Feb 11
dear friend Think positively about wedding before wedding you are a free bird but when you enterd in wedding lock you must change your habits and life style according to your spouse and be honest to your spouse. Respect her feelings and habits then both of you spend some time with cheerful mood like chating and moving. As you say before marriage spend some time to know the feeling and habits is important. Be sure every person has a hidden personality. You may not found the hidden person in a hour and one or two months. Only thing is think every thing possitively and try to respect your spouse. then your wedding is flowering and cheerful. your friend rambabu12
@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
13 Feb 11
Before a couple get married they should know each other well and be totally in love. They should feel confident that they are compatible. Yes, of course, they should know they have the same life plan. It wouldn't be any good if the husband wants children and the wife doesn't. If the husband wants to live in the city and the wife wants to live in the countryside they haven't got the same wishes. When the couple have the same wishes in life they will be able to have togetherness. Sometimes comprising will be necessary to stay a happy couple.