How long music producers can survive in the download world ?

United Arab Emirates
February 13, 2011 6:30am CST
Whenever a music album is out, its parallel download is almost available soon. How long the producers can survive in this download world ?
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@commanderxo (1496)
• Canada
13 Feb 11
Good question. However, as far as I know, one STILL has to pay for downloaded music...unless it's "indie" music. Indie musicians and bands are more likely to give theirs away for free in order to get the publicity. But...but...chances are they will only give you a "snip-it" of the entire song or album. If you want more, then you'll just have to pay for it. As far as downloaded music goes, once paid for, all those persons involved in producing the album or single, WILL get paid. Depending on how many units are sold, that may or may not be a lot of money, but they will get paid, nonetheless. Since the internet, record producers and artists HAD to do something, as revenues WERE being lost at an exorbitant rate. CD sales were down...therefore the reason behind charging for downloads. But I'd needn't worry about it. Trust me. I doubt very much that they're hurting. It's the ARTISTS that need to be paid accordingly, and that's why this form of payment system was developed to keep it all fair and legally binding. cdrxo
• Australia
3 Jul 11
That's where the problems lie. As you say it is how it is suppossed to be, but far from the fact. There are numerous of free download and file sharing sites that allow you easy access to all the latest movies and music. free to your computer in less than an hour. Its against the law but very hard to police. They do find out and put up viruses on the sites so people download them instead of the file they wanted. they take them to court and sue them for lost earnings bu the little people who dowload rarely get in trouble as the ip address are scrambled and its annonomous file sharing... hence the viruses out they are as it is not properly controlled except for comments by other site users.
@NYNY911 (63)
• United States
7 Apr 11
yes- the music store outside in the street is almost gone altogether. cd's are harder to find than a needle in a haystack. with downloading- groups put music out without many people being aware of it. the producers have to find an alternate way to survive, find other ways to promote new groups or artists.
• Australia
3 Jul 11
I think it is making it harder for artists and actors to be successful in an already extremely competitive and commercialised market. I guess we will be seeing alot more concerts and live performances, so help boost earnings and popularity of the stars. I dont think it will ever die completely if the music and movies actually stopped people would pay again. For the love of it people would sing again.