Are you thinking about living at your destination of travel?

February 18, 2011 12:10pm CST
When you are on holiday, many people tend to think about how it would be for them to live there for the rest of your life. Do you belong to that group of people and what do you think is causing this thoughts to emerge?
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@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
2 Mar 11
I recently visited Colombia and the tourist office says "The only risk is wanting to stay". That is so true I can say now that I have actually been there. I totally fell in love with Cartagena De Indias and really loved Santa Marta. The mixture of historical streets and building with palm fringed beaches are lovely. I adored the hot weather, sunshine and no rain. Well it wouldn't be easy to move there thanks to the immigration department. Visitors get 60 days, at the most 90 days and with an extension available up to 6 months. I dreamed of emigrating to Australia but sadly it never happened.
@doggydimon (1373)
• Philippines
1 Mar 11
Normally for me, I think of living at the destination of my travel for a certain period of time but not for the rest of my life. I think I am a nomad by nature so I always think of different places at a given time. So as for me if I were to move abroad, I give myself a year at most to stay in that place before moving on to another.
• Philippines
23 Feb 11
YES. Im guilty of this predicament. Whenever I go out of the country (Philippines), I always tell myself, "I wish I could live here". It's not that I hate my country. It's just that it seems as if everywhere I go, it's more economically stable. People are more disciplined elsewhere. Drivers are not rude. Drivers actually follow road signs. Everything is just better to look at. I keep telling myself that I want to live somewhere like this or that... But that's just the idealistic me talking. Who wouldn't want to live in a very progressive and advanced country? Who wouldn't want to live where people are disciplined? Even the simple traffic laws and driver ethics in Singapore is enough to make me want to live there. Simple things like that make me want to yearn for another land other than my own. SImple things really, that could have been so easy to achieve in our country. The problem is, people dont want to listen. They dont want to follow. It's a sick mentality. Although I still want to grow old in my country, sometimes I cant help wondering what it's like to be living in another country.