Songs that affect your emotion.

United States
February 20, 2011 6:08pm CST
I know there are songs that can affect Peoples emotions. like for instance Depressing songs and or breakup songs make me feel sad and alone. but hype up beat music makes me feel hyper and happy. everyone in my family and some of my friends think its unusual that the music that i listen to affects how i feel. but How does the music that everyone else listens to make them feel when they listen to it?
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@Lore2009 (7388)
• United States
21 Feb 11
They all have some type of psychological connection to me. I can make me feel happy, sad, connected, or at peace. But either way it makes me feel better and that's probably what music does to everyone to keep them wanting more.
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@thekelz (277)
• United Kingdom
21 Feb 11
Music effects hoe I feel. I can listen ti certain songd and it just immediately takes me back to a time and place.When I hear Back Street Boys;Quit playing Games with my heart. It takes me back to when I was a 1st year apprentice re wiring high rise flats in the early months of 1997. They were hard days I was getting a Hard time from my boss, and this song was played on the radio at least once an hour, and it helped me through the hard times, I look back with fond memories, which is strange. There are many other songs which have the same efect on me.
• China
21 Feb 11
I think peopel like music because they can get they want in music.A good song has its real meaning.Some situation in the song may be familiar to what we have experienced.Sometimes it can teach us what we should do in our life.Sometimes it says what we want to say .Every good song has its story.
@jhaidro (878)
• Philippines
21 Feb 11
I think that in general, people will always be affected by music as long as they listen to it and try to comprehend with what the music is saying. One thing that I have noticed thou is no matter the genre, I think most of the songs I hear speak about love. Of course it will be obvious that it speaks of love for those mellow and ballad songs. When you go to party houses and they play certain music, you may thought of it as a happy song because of its beat but if you listen a little more to the lyrics, it may be of love for something. I see this as something interesting. Love is just everywhere. Take care.