Where do you get your health insurance from?

@maezee (33980)
United States
February 21, 2011 7:33am CST
I knew it was coming - my dad finally kicked his 20 year old (semi-financially independent) daughter off of his HMO insurance plan through his work. (And by 20 year old daughter - I MEAN ME!!!) I've been without insurance for a couple of weeks. I didn't frequent the doctors when I DID have insurance but now I'm a little paranoid I'll acquire cancer or break a leg or something like that any day now. Anyway...Neither of my 2 jobs offers it to me (one - because I'm on call and I don't have a consistent full-time position, and two - because it's part-time and a small company). I went ahead and applied for MinnesotaCare which is a state (low-income) kind of insurance - now I just hope I've been accepted. Where do you get your insurance from?!
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@dreamy1 (3815)
• United States
21 Feb 11
I have insurance through my job which still sucks. It's awful. I went two years without insurance a couple of years ago I was working part time and the company didn't offer it. Then when I moved and was in between jobs I didn't have it until I started my current job. I had to go to the dentist once for a filling or two and I paid cash which was a couple hundred dollars. The dentist gave me a slight discount because I paid cash. I also got a cleaning and xrays at a dental school for $25 (that's how I found out I had come cavities). You can get cheap rate at dental schools. Go to free health fairs when they have them. You just have to be careful and eat a proper diet and take care of your health to avoid getting sick especially if you don't have health insurance.