The price of a backup

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@RamRes (1725)
February 21, 2011 11:14pm CST
This last weekend I bought a wifi router to give my notebook an internet connection, and I got a hard time make it work properly, but after making it work I understand my error: not taking a backup. I've never set up such a device on my own but I know the basics, so I wanted to do the instalation myself. I follow the instructions, connected the router to the modem and to the desktop computer, all was fine. But when testing, I realized that both my computers can't access internet, in fact my modem wasn't accesible at all!!! I think that it would be to the modem configuration, some months ago I put it on "router" mode for better functionality, so I tried to revert that setup back to "modem" mode, by resseting the factory setup. No luck either, both machines remain without connection. In that situation, only one can connect to the web, and on demand with manual connection, far from a good thing. So I googled it for some time and found the answer: leave the router the way it was and connecting to a different port on the wifi router. Switching the modem mode was quite hard the first time, there is no evident way of doing so and the manual is quite confusing and doesn't work as expected. I must do once more the same hard procedure with Google being my only guiadance. It took me about 5/6 hours of trial-and-error to recover the setup it had previous to the factory reset. The great teaching of the history for me is, if I were not lazy enough to take a ROM backup prior to the reset, the same procedure would have taken 15 minutes, by simply restoring the backup. But I must done it the hard way. As some of my teammates say "You'll pay the backup with your blood". Not literaly, but with a lot of time in fact. Maybe this already long history makes others don't fall in the same trap I've fallen hehehe Happy MyLotting!!
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