I am Number four

February 22, 2011 10:50am CST
Did any of you guys here been to the cinema to watch this movie?? Is it worth the pay?? I'm planning on watching it with my family but I really don't want to waste good and hard earned money in a not-so-good movie...
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
22 Feb 11
I Am Number Four stories of nine children with extraordinary powers and to their companions, the only survivors of a war on their home planet, Lorien. They were established on Earth, being protected by a spell that can not be killed because only in a certain order. Their enemies have already killed three, and the protagonist is, of course, number four. This, the Earth will be named John Smith, is hiding in the town of Paradise, Ohio, where he will do everything possible to survive and overcome their enemies. Movie is ok, sometimes a little static,effects and "creatures" are good, as director, actors are perfect for their roles,the action keeps you on the ropes.The story is worthy to be continued ...excellence to be the beginning of a successful series, too bad it's not 3D, in conclusion, worth seeing!
• Philippines
22 Feb 11
I have seen the trailer of the movie, and I thought it was good that's why I wanted to watch it but since some movies with great trailers are not all good movies I'm afraid that I'd be wasting my money...but thanks for the synopsis though
30 Dec 11
Well it's a quite good movie but I'm not sure if you should watch it with your family. I'd say that is more of a teen movie with romance and sci-fi. Your parents might not like it (my parents didn't) so I wouldn't recommend you to watch it.
@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
22 Feb 11
I am really out of tune with the latest movies in town. Not all movies have good rating and watching one that is not very good is a waste of time and money.